WAKi High Potential Therapy Range

WKB8002 – WAKi Bio Energy Water System

WKB8002 – WAKi Bio Energy Water System

WAKi Bio Energy Water System can produce Bio Energy Water which is suitable to human body. Bio Energy Water is a kind of natural water, it has hexagonal molecule that easier to be absorbed by human body. It helps to increase body cell’s metabolism.

Bio Energy Water is high energetic low alkaline water. It is very suitable for the human body because its molecule is very small. Therefore, it is easier to be absorbed by the human body.

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The features of BIO ENERGY – π WATER

The benefit of drinking WAKi BIO ENERGY WATER

  • Stabilize blood pressure

  • Relieve fatigue

  • Remove radicals

  • Prevent aging

WAKi Bio Energy Water System suitable for:

  • Family

  • Athletes

  • Who want to have tender skin and looks young

  • Working adults


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