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WKM2027 – WAKi Super Massage Master

WKM2027 – WAKi Super Massage Master

WAKi Foot Massage Master is the unique-designed foot-massage equipment that created for people want to enjoy 360 degree of foot massaging and foot relaxation. WAKi applies the F.I.L.O concept in designing this product.

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The requirement of WAKi on the product quality and functionality continuously increased, therefore new generation of WAKi Multi Functional Massage Belt comes with 3E concept, which are:/p>

E (Effective) – excellent massage result.
E (Express) – express and convenient to use.
E (Elegant) – elegant stylish design.

7 main Massage Functions:

  • Arm massage

  • Upper back massage

  • Abdomen massage

  • Waist massage

  • Leg massage

  • Buttocks massage

  • Calves massage

  • Increase energy and stamina

The features:

  • Use 360 degrees double helix centrifugal massage technique, vibrate 5000 times per minutes, can achieve burning excess fat quick and promotes metabolism.
  • 5 speed massage intensity adjustment.
  • Manual, automatic 2 kinds of massage modes.
  • Fashion design, elegant feel, extreme lightweight./li>
  • Comes together with mobile power cord, convenient to use, can easily massage in the car.
  • Comes together with extended belt, suitable to people who have a wider waist.
  • 10 minutes automatic timing function.
  • Just need 12V low voltage, electric save.

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