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WKM2030 – WAKi Foot Massage Master

WKM2030 – WAKi Foot Massage Master

“Stylish elegant feel with high quality technology.”

WAKi Multi Functional Massage Belt is the world's first smallest massage slimming belt that well designed for customers by Metrowealth WAKi International Group. This product applies the traditional massage theory as foundation, applies the latest core vibration technology for inner operation system, in addition the stylish 8.6 inches body design, therefore, WAKi Multi Functional Massage Belt is the health massage equipment that is suitable for whole family to use.

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The F.I.L.O concept is the health concept that created by WAKi for the new generation foot massage equipment. With F.I.L.O concept, you can enjoy the “Master-class” of foot massaging at home daily. When you apply this product, your feet are fully covered by the product (360-degree-covered) for massaging; the infrared function will keep your feet warm; the low-frequency acupuncture therapy will improve blood circulation and cell metabolism; Ozone Sterilization function will keep your feet odor-free and prevent bacteria propagation on your feet. So, how could By using WAKi Foot Massage Master daily, your feet will become healthy and you will live healthier. WAKi Foot Massage Master is absolutely suitable for your family.

The F.I.L.O. Concept of the WAKi Foot Massage Master

  • Fully covered design

  • Infrared function

  • Low-frequency acupuncture therapy

  • Ozone sterilization

4 kinds of Automatic Programs

  • Program 1 : Relax

  • Program 2 : Comfort

  • Program 3 : Ache

  • Program 4 : Ache

Who is WAKi Foot Massage Master suitable for?

  • People who are suffering from insomnia

  • People who need to stand or walk for a long time

  • Married couple

  • Career women

  • Elderly people

  • Office workers who are stress at work


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