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WKE1015 – WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher

WKE1015 – WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher

WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher is design for every modern kitchen. It is a multi functional automatic super clean and hygienic dishwasher.

Category : WAKi Household


WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher is suitable for every family because it’s unique design and functions are the benefits for all consumers. It saves water consumption for dish washing in daily life. WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher just needs 15 litres of water, instead of using 150 litres by hand wash. Besides this, this model has come with the latest technology where energy-save function is included. Therefore, WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher is a neccesary electrical appliance in every household. WAKi, not a promise, but sure!

The Benefits of using WAKi Multi Functional Dishwasher

  • Hygienic (with sterilizer function)

  • Fully automatic program

  • Hot & cold washing method

  • Automatic dry program

  • Save time (fully automatic)

  • Save energy (energy-save function)

  • Save cost (replace manpower)

  • Unique design (for all types of kitchen)


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