WAKi High Potential Therapy Range

WKE5039 – WAKi Multi-Cooker

WKE5039 – WAKi Multi-Cooker

WAKi Multi-Cooker

Category : WAKi Household


  • Multi Function Cooker – 8 in 1
  • Make cooking easy
  • Cook delicious home cooked meals with just a little effort
  • Simply add the ingredients to the non-stick cooking pot & turn it on
  • Prepare almost any dish just in one pot
  • Easy to wash & maintain
  • A revolution in cooking convenience

The features WAKi Multi-Cooker

  • Non-stick pot, transparent glass cover, easy to clean, noble and elegant.
  • Adopt crystal display screen, high-grade and valued.
  • Time, temperature can be adjusted as your desire at any time, easy and convenient to operate.


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