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WKB9002 – WAKi Far Infrared Medical Lamp

WKB9002 – WAKi Far Infrared Medical Lamp

WAKi Far Infrared Medical Lamp uses halogen tungsten lamp as the light source, transferring the heat energy through UV-PROOF ceramic glass. It combines the features of low power, high temperature effect and temperature control. It is a simple, convenient, safe and effective family health care product.

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The Effects of The WAKi Far Infrared Medical Lamp

  • The infrared light produced by the WAKi Far Infrared Medical Lamp can penetrate into the skin deeply. Tissues absorbs the infrared energy then turn into heat energy. The heat power can adjust the neuronal signals to the brain, and thus relieve pain. Heat power can also stimulate the blood circulation, and expand blood vessels, thus to speed up the delivery of necessary material which can recover and nourish the body’s tissues. At the same time, the heat power can also speed up the process of metabolism and the removal of waste substances from the body.
  • Due to the infrared light can improve the blood circulation, thus WAKi Far Infrared Medical Lamp also can speed up the absorption of local exudation of the human body, thus help the swelling subside.

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