WAKi High Potential Therapy Range

WK2079 – WAKi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment

WK2079 – WAKi High Potential Therapeutic Equipment

WAKi Worldwide have produced the product with Multi-function WK2076H WAKi Multi Functional High Potential Therapeutic Equipments integrated with High Potential Therapy, Negative Potential TherapyPen-High Potential Therapy and Optical Therapy. It not only faithfully plays a role of “family doctor”, but also creates a fresh and comfortable natural environment artificially by means of the up-to-date research achievement of electro-biology and enable us to do exercise while sitting.

Because WAKi, not a promise, but SURE!

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The Benefits :

  • Revive cell and rejuvenate cells of the whole body

  • Increase metabolism

  • Remove free radicals

  • Promote blood circulation

  • Strengthen body’s immunity

WAKi High Potential Therapy Process

Our body has active bio-electric in our inner body. When we use WAKi Multi Functional High Potential Therapy, our whole body will absorb energy electric from this equipment.

Besides, our body will be surrounded by electricity’s platform and reflected to our surroundings. Energy electric is useful to reactivate membrane cell more than 200 types of cell in our body. Ion negative helps to repair weak cell.

Suitable for people who want to live healthy:

  • Whole family who want to live healthy and better, stay away from diseases.
  • Children and school age student need to have high concentration in study and reduce fatigue.
  • Elderly who want to live longer life, active and repair weak cell and stay away from disease.
  • People who stay in city, full of air pollution, lacking fresh air, and stressful environment and work.
  • People who work in office air-conditioned room, lacking fresh air and lack of movement.
  • People who lack of time to exercise regularly and routinely.
  • People who seldom go to mountain area.

Multi Functional – Partial Pen

Old people saying: “pain means not smooth, smooth means not pain”. Partial pen therapy is to use partial pen to touch our body’s acupuncture points, you will feel like prodded by needle. Micro electric will flow into our body; the electric current will stimulate and dredge the meridians.

  • Suitable for meridian and acupuncture therapy.

  • Suitable for rolling massage therapy.

  • Suitable for scrapping massage therapy.


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