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WAKi Multi Functional Massage Belt
WAKi Multi Functional Massage Belt
SKU: WKM2027
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  • 7 main massage-functions: Waist, Abdomen, Buttock, Arm, Upper Back, Leg & Calve 
  • Easy to use, just 10 minutes = 30 minutes hula hoop exercise
  • Stylish 8.6" body design, its so light so easy to bring it anytime anywhere
  • 5 speeds can be chosen freely. 
  • Twist resonate high speed vibration massage, accelerate the blood circulation.
  • Had extended belt, satisfy different requirement.
  • Timer function, when the working time be the rating time, will stop working automatically.
  • Comes together with mobile powercord, can easily massage in the car (Note: For passenger only but not for driver)
  • Required 12V low voltage only

* Warranty Period: 2 years 

*The price shown is GST inclusive. We absorb GST.

Start Price | US$ 199.00

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